Purpose of Women’s Ministry

The women’s Ministry of Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran Church offers opportunities

for spiritual growth, service, and outreach in God’s kingdom, while promoting

fellowship and support among our women.     

                                  Bible Studies

                                  Monthly Dining Fellowship

                                  Bake Sales

                                  Special Events


                                    Women’s Groups

Dorcas Circle – Church Banners

Elizabeth Circle – Prayer Chain

Esther Circle – Acolyte Gown/Funeral Pall Care

Mary Circle – Altar Care

Ruth Circle – Funeral Lunches

Eve Circle – Church Flowers

Hannah Circle – Church Decorating

The Women’s Ministry is active in the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League attending Fort Wayne zone events, participating in state retreats along with state and national conferences.

Woman’s 6 at 6 

Welcome to information for 6 at 6. Women meet on the 6th of each month at 6:00 PM for dinner out and fellowship.

Ladies, you are invited to attend our 6@6 dining opportunity Tuesday evening,Friday evening, September 6th, 6:00 PM at Triangle Park located at 3010 Trier Rd.

Women’s Ministry Upcoming Events

Women’s Ministry Meeting August 17th 9:00am
The Women’s Ministry Meeting is rescheduled for Saturday, August 17, at 9:30am at the home of Jane Wiehe – 4411 Flaugh Road. PLEASE RSVP NO LATER THAN AUGUST 13 IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND … 260-341-8755 or email: imblueye@gmail.com.

LWML Fall Rally – Saturday, October 12th, 8:30am-12:00pm

Oktoberfest, Saturday, October 19th, Supper and Evening

For questions about Women’s Ministry, contact Kay Howard, Parish Assistant at 260-484-7873.