Haiti Mission

We are preparing to return to Haiti for the fourth time in June of 2018. I am praising God for the wonderful family of Suburban Bethlehem and the love that they show for other Christian brothers and sisters both here and abroad. I have had such amazing support each time I have felt the call to travel to Haiti. We visit the orphanage in Fond Blanc and stay there with the children while we work on projects to help them become self-sustaining. The church there welcomes us to worship with them and they are a very large part of supporting the orphanage. We are able to help with VBS while we are there and interact with the children and many people of the village as well. This year we will be helping rebuild the road that leads to the orphanage. It was completely washed out by the hurricane. It is always a blessing to share with them that we are from Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I believe it gives them hope as they hear that we are praying for them and that we care enough to come and help. We are currently raising funds to offset our expenses for travel. If you would like to help us, there is an account set up, just mark your donation for “Haiti Trip”.

Thank you,
Susan Kanning