Sunday Morning Classes 9:30AM

Adult Bible Study:

Under current Covid-19 restrictions, we are offering “Zoom” Bible Studies, Sundays, 9:30am.  Contact church office during the week to be notified of log-in information.

“The Ten Commandments Bible Study” 

“Growing Disciples – Beliefs of the Lutheran Church”  

Family Ministry Bible Study  (On hold till worship restrictions lifted)
“Truth or Dare”. This study is a 2 part series.

The first “Truth or Dare” series dives into describing what Truth really is and how it affects our daily lives. What is good? What is evil? How should we conduct our lives to be morally right with God? What is morally right? This series answers some difficult questions with well balanced, Biblical Truths.

This second “Truth or Dare” series focuses on how peers, authority figures, and the media can influence students. These lessons provide Biblical answers to some important questions. What is the truth behind the media? How important is self-control and contentment? Do others see a God-fearing believer in me, or someone influenced by the world?

This class is designed for: those struggling with worldly influences, parents and students in 7th grade and up, as well as mentors and influencers, and all others interested in this study.

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Other Adult Bible Studies

(On hold till restrictions lifted.)

Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study: 8:00 am in the Church Fellowship Hall.   We are a small group that enjoys fellowship and the study of God’s word for an hour every Saturday morning. Come and join us! If you have any questions, please call Dan Schwarz 637-8318.

Saturday Mid–Morning Men’s Bible Study: 9:30-10:30 in the Church Fellowship Hall.  Tim Mueller facilitates this group and you may contact him at 438-1149 or at for information

Monday Evening Women’s Bible Study: Bible Study meets in the Fellowship Hall at 6:30 pm. Please contact Patty Willyard at 260-247-0788 for more information.

Women’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study:  Women’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study meets at 8:00 am in the Upper-room of the church.