April 2018

“Go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead.” (Matthew 28:7)

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Dear Fellow Redeemed:
As you read this we are just about to celebrate Easter or we are still basking in the joyous afterglow of this high holy feast of our Lord’s Resurrection. No other day in all of human history is as important as this day – the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The day that is a close-runner up to Easter, in the “most important days in human history” category, is the day you came to faith in Jesus Christ. Whether that was the day you were brought to the Baptism Font for the regenerating work of God the Holy Spirit to bring faith in this risen Jesus Christ, or whether that was the day a friend began to explain to you about how this risen Jesus Christ has forever changed your life now and eternity, it is the day we celebrate how the risen Jesus Christ was brought to impact our lives. Easter changes everything!
“Go quickly and tell…” This joy of Easter is NOT something for us to keep just to ourselves. In fact, throughout all of human history we read of one person after another, one generation after another, when they come to the full grasp of Jesus’ resurrection their lives are marked by telling anyone and everyone who would listen about how Jesus has conquered sin and death for all.
This is what the Easter season is all about. We will discover this through the Scripture Readings every Sunday during the Easter season. The First Reading each of those weeks is from the Book of Acts where we discover how that first generation of Easter people lived in the joyous truth of Jesus’ resurrection. The Second Reading each week will be from the Book of 1 John as John, later in life, shares again what the resurrection of Jesus Christ means for us now and into eternity.
One event I am dearly looking forward to will actually be on the first Sunday in May. On May 6 we will welcome a special guest to encourage us. Mr. Gary Thies is a dedicated Lutheran layman from Iowa who will share an inspiring testimony about how each of us are missionaries. I have personally heard Mr. Thies speak a number of times over the past 20+ years – and every time I have heard him I have given thanks to God for his witness and encouragement. He will be at both the 8:00 and 10:30 worship services on May 6 and will also have a special presentation during the Bible Study hour at 9:30 in the School Commons. Look for more information in future bulletins and in the May “Suburban Bethlehem Star.”
We do all of this because Easter is too big for one day. Jesus’ resurrection changes everything – and we need to share this message. Easter, the resurrection of Christ, the joyous turnabout that this brings, compels us. Go quickly!

Pastor Bill Mueller

(Acts 16:31)

About the Author
Pastor Bill Mueller serves our Lord as Senior Pastor of Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran Church and School. He is married to Julie and they have two children, Sarah and Nicholas. He enjoys seeing people connected to God's grace in Jesus Christ. Acts 16:31